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Dark Comedy, Crime, Thriller



When a degenerate gambler stumbles upon a player’s loyalty card, he is thrown into a web of mistaken identity, blackmail, and murder.


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Set in the seedy underworld of present day Los Angeles, S.O.B. is a Neo-noir picture with elements of surrealism and magical realism. It's a dark comedy wrapped in a crime thriller, a journey through the mind of a desperate man losing his grip on reality. 

In the style of David Lynch and The Coen Brothers, this film strives to be a visual funhouse while telling an original, offbeat story with a socioeconomic commentary. 










THE GAUNT MAN (60's) is a degenerate gambler down on his luck. When he discovers a player's loyalty card after a night of slot scrounging, he goes in search of the rightful owner, EDDIE RIVERA, hoping for a monetary reward.

The search for Eddie takes him deep into an ambiguous suburban setting that's dark, dreamlike, and mysterious.

At the end of this bizarre odyssey, he stumbles on Eddie's Used Cars: a dealership run by a smooth-talking glib man in a red suit. When the Gaunt Man hands him the card in exchange for a reward, the Red Suit confuses the gesture for blackmail and beats him half to death.

This send the Gaunt Man into an emotional tailspin where his reality becomes further unhinged.

Seeking revenge and retribution against the Red Suit, he hallucinates apparitions that push him to transform into the Blue Suit: an alter ego, a psychotic gangster with no remorse.

As the Gaunt Man struggles with his sanity and tries to make sense of the mysterious forces that seem to be at play, his thoughts and actions culminate in a series of events that will change him forever.


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